Day 7 (Clarks Ferry Shelter to Rausch Creek)

Sorry for delayed posts. My phone battery was really low. Day 7 was a lesson in labeling. I started the day a bit sluggish and my feet were a bit sore. So I decided to take a couple Excedrin I had in a snack size zip lock bag. I didn’t really notice an improvement so I took 2 more at lunch. At the end of the day, I stopped a few miles earlier than I had planned. Once in my tent I realized I had been taking salt tablets. LOL

Other than that, the day was filled with nice people, beautiful views, and lots of pink ladies slippers. They are awesome!

Home for the night. I love camping by creeks. They sing me to sleep.

Home for the night. I love camping by creeks. They sing me to sleep.

Day 6 (By a stream to a site north of Clarks Ferry Shelter)

After hiking/running more than 100 miles the past 4 days, I decided take it easier today. I slept late and started hiking at 8:00. I made it 7 miles in to Duncannon a little before 11:00. I went to the famous (infamous?) Doyle Hotel. I had thought about spending the night there but decided against it. I did eat one of their black bean burgers and fries while I collected my first resupply box and repacked my food in my pack. Free Ball and Bandit were also there.

I was heading out of town when I ran into Nacho Libre and Deerdog at Trail Angel Mary’s Place. I had fun visiting with them for a bit and then hiked on out of town. In all I spent three hours in town off my feet. After hiking 6 miles, I found a tent site on top of a mountain with an awesome view for tonight’s camp. It is a little colder than it has been so I’m glad I kept my tights and long sleeve shirt in my pack.

Day 5 (Rock Maze to tent site by a stream)

I started the day climbing through two large rock mazes. The trail designers for Pennsylvania obviously had a sense of humor.

The trail in this area goes through a lot of trail towns so I was in Boiling Springs in time for a second breakfast at Cafe 101. I passed my 100 mile mark right outside of town. YIPPEE!

I hiked with Piston and German Boy for a few miles. They are father and son. I really enjoyed meeting them. It was a relatively flat terrain until the last few miles of the day. It became very windy. I took extra care to pick a tent site with no dead trees or limbs nearby. No cell signal again tonight.

With GaMe On

With GaMe On

Day 4 (Milesburn Cabin to tent site at Rock Maze)

Blessed again today with beautiful weather. I got up early and was on the trail by 6:00. I crossed Shippensburg Rd within the first few miles. I assume I’m near the old stompin’ grounds of the Singisers. I arrived at the Pine Grove Furnace Grocery in time for an awesome blueberry pancake breakfast. I hung out there with a fun group (including Scout and Tree hugger from the AT Women’s Group on FB).

I’m still working on my daily schedule but I’ve decided it should definitely include soaking in a mountain stream or lake for at least 30 minutes each afternoon.

Day 3 (Outside Pen Mar to tent site near Milesburn Cabin)

It was a beautiful morning. I headed north at 7:00 AM, a little later than I had planned. Thus far, Pennsylvania has fewer wildflowers than Maryland had. The woods and scenery are still very pretty. A couple of miles into the hike, I came upon a building with an outside faucet. I took the opportunity to wash my hair, clothes, etc. Hiking in cold wet clothes for a bit definitely woke me up…..but I smelled a whole lot better. ๐Ÿ˜‰ No signal in camp tonight so I will post tomorrow. Check out the pictures (and captions) for other things that happened during my day.

Caledonia State Park

Caledonia State Park – The cold water felt great! A group of ~40 people were doing the Hokey Pokey nearby and lots of Amish people in bright colored clothing. It feels almost surreal after being in the woods for 3 days. Haha

Day 2 (Dahlgren to a tent spot outside of Pen Mar)

That moment when. ….you are running down an awesome downhill singing your favorite childhood songs and all seems right with the world. …..and then you look up and see a blue blaze. 2 bonus miles today. HahaCashmere

blue-blazeI woke up in a fog this morning… really. It burned off around 11:00 andย turned into another beautiful day. I experienced my first trail magic today. K2 and Bald Eagle were there too. They had a good laugh regarding my story about getting off trail but then they assured me that it happens to everyone.

I crossed the Maryland – Pennsylvania border (Mason Dixon Line) about a half mile before stopping to set up camp. Now I’m enjoying the sound of the creek right outside my tent.

Day 1 (Harpers Ferry to Dahlgren Backpackers campground)

I stayed up late last night grading papers and posting grades so I decided to sleep in until 8:00 this morning at the Econolodge in Harpers Ferry. First stop this morning was the post office to mail work stuff and airplane clothes home. Next stop was the ATC to check in and get my picture taken. Lastly, I stopped by the Outfitters to get some fuel for my stove.

I got on the trail at 10:30 and headed north. Blue skies with a high of 83. Great day for a hike. I had lunch at the Ed Garvey shelter with some other hikers. Lots of wildflowers along the trail and a lot of historical sites. I’m camping tonight with Deardog, K2 and Bald Eagle. There is a restaurant nearby so Deardog and I headed over after dinner for a piece of fruit pie. Yum!