Paula Chambers: Wee! Let the fun begin!

Terri Rylander: Good luck Susan!!!

Susan Burkley: Whoohoo!!

Katie Fisher: Yay! Have the best adventure!

Joy Sandoz: Wishing you good weather and happy feet!

Cristal Stoutzenberger: Woohoo. …

Russ Johnson: Have a great walk in the woods!

Debra Sydney Snell: Trek salama!!

Amanda Tichacek: Enjoy your walk! I can’t wait to read your updates!

Lara Treguboff: Yay! Have a great time.

Jameelah Abdul-Rahim Mujaahid: I could have fit in your sock and hung on for dear life!! Have a wonderful expedition=)

David Meltzer: Have a great journey filled with wonderful memories.

Martha Johnson: Yay

Bev Mitchell Ellithorp: We both wish you a wonderful journey!

Jake Moore: Enjoy your adventures, and keep us posted!

Pam White: You did take your ping pong balls, right?

Susan Cashmere Hornbuckle: Of course!

Maddie Deleski: This is SOOO exciting for you, Susan, and also from your nationwide support team who are cheering for you every ‘step’ of the way! 👣

Jennifer Holdren Barger: Have a great adventure!

Mary Thurman: Good luck!

Claudia Franks: Woo hoo! So proud of my cool little sis!

Susan Cashmere Hornbuckle: Awe

Carolyn Appen: Good luck Susan! Have fun out there!

Pam Piligian: Love it!!! Hike well my friend

Carol Shunnarah: Wow. Good luck. Have fun

Kim Purcell Pike: So exciting. Can’t wait for the trail updates!

Glen Fryxell: Have fun! Stay safe.

Mary Deane Davis: Have the time of your life!

Joye McElroy: Yippee!!!

Carol Sondag: Have fun! I wish you well.

Becky Rentz: Happy Trails To You! Have a safe journey.

Janet Brungardt: Looking forward to your travelog.

Terri Rodney-Brown: Safe travels! !

Cindy Strickland Ralston: So happy for you (& a lil’ jealous, too)!!

A lot of pink lady slippers along the trail in Maryland.

A lot of pink lady slippers along the trail in Maryland.

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