Today was supposed to be a rest day so I limited the miles and took a lot of breaks. The day started with hiking 2.6 miles on trail and then .5 miles on road to get into Unionville, NY. I had breakfast at Horler’s Store while waiting on the P.O. to open so I could get my resupply box. [ Thank you MJ. 🙂 ]

I ate a second breakfast while packing up. In all I spent 2.5 hours on the front porch of this cool store. I was able to charge some of my electrical stuff, too. Next I hiked a few miles to the Wallkill Nature Preserve. I sat under a tree for about an hour and enjoyed the view. I was also able to order some new Hokas. Pennsylvania rocks were not kind to the pair I started with. New shoes will be in Kent, CT when I get there.

Next I climbed Pochuck Mountain. I cooked lunch at the overlook. Then I hiked a few more miles to a stream where I bathed and did laundry. A couple more miles and I set up camp and ate dinner. Over all a very relaxing day. I should leave NJ and enter NY on the trail tomorrow. 🙂

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