I survived my first stay in a shelter. 🙂 Actually, I slept pretty well except when the porcupine tried to eat the shelter. Apparently, they like to eat chemically treated lumber. It is a big problem up here. I still prefer the privacy of my tent but the shelter is a good option when it is raining.

I started hiking at 7:30am in the rain. It stopped raining around 11:00 but remained wet and cold all day. Tomorrow is supposed to be better. All in all, it was a fun day of hiking. I felt stronger and faster than the past couple of weeks. Maybe my trail legs have arrived?

I hiked by so many pretty ponds and streams today. Water was everywhere. It was good for drinking but it was too cold for swimming or bathing. There was a lodge 0.1 miles from the trail at the place I planned to stop so I splurged and got a room. It is the first time I will have slept in a bed since Day 9 (May 16th) and enjoyed a warm shower. It felt great!

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