The “continental breakfast” at the hotel left a lot to be desired but I made the best of it with 2 muffins, a banana, an apple and coffee. Although I woke at 5 AM, I took my time repacking my gear and making some repairs so I didn’t hit the trail until almost 8:00.

There were a lot of people on the trail. I met Croc Guy, another Flip-flop thru hiker that started a couple weeks before me. He was hiking with Bald Eagle and Bobcat (a Kennesaw State student). They all stayed at the Upper Goose Pond Cabin last night. I would have stayed there if the lodge hadn’t been an option.

The hiking terrain was pretty easy today. There were a few climbs but it was 90% runnable. I stopped in Dalton, MA for a veggie burger for dinner at Anglina’s. The trail markings were very confusing leaving town so I wasted about 20 minutes finding the trail. Once I found it, I had to run the next 3.8 miles to make it to camp by sun down. It was a challenge but I made it.

There are a number of section hikers here. I’m camping near a really nice guy, Jeremy, that had a campfire built. It is the first time on this trip I have enjoyed a campfire. We sat by the fire and talked for a little over an hour. Good times.

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