Last night’s campsite didn’t have a wonderful view but it did have excellent wind protection. It got crazy windy during the night but none of it touched my tent. Sweet! It was still pretty windy when I started hiking at 6:30.

There were so many moose droppings I was convinced I would see one this morning but Bullwinkle remained elusive.

No long climbs or 3000+ elevation today or tomorrow but a lot of 1 mile to 1/2 mile steep climbs and descents all day long. It reminded me of running intervals. Although I ate a lot (A LOT!) in town yesterday, I found myself hungry and somewhat low energy during the morning. In the afternoon, I stopped by On The Edge Farm and bought a couple sodas and a Blueberry Sour Cherry Pie. It was awesome! The “Pie Lady” makes them fresh every day. I ate half of it there and packed out the other half for tomorrow’s breakfast. After that, my legs came alive.

I hiked another 4.5 miles and finished for the day on a mountain top with a lovely view.

p.s. See editor’s note here regarding donuts…

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One thought on “Day 35 (Stealth site to stealth site on a mountain top)

  1. Hey Susan! I’ve been following your blog. Such a neat thing to do! I wouldn’t mind giving the AT a shot one day – maybe when I retire… And you’re missing all of the lovely, hot, steamy weather we’re having down here in GA

    There’s a brewery up there near the trail somewhere – called long trail brewery. I went there a couple of years ago. Good beers, not sure if you’re into that, but I think you’ve probably already passed it.

    I’ll keep following you and see you in the fall!


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