I took my time leaving my oasis on top of the mountain this morning. I ate the 2nd half of the Blueberry Sour Cherry Pie and drank a cup of coffee as the sun came up. I started hiking a little after 7:00.

The terrain was mostly rolling hills, not as steep as yesterday’s climbs. I crossed the State line into New Hampshire so I have now completed state number 7, Vermont!

My plan was to get into Hanover in time to catch a shuttle to the EMS for some supplies and maybe some new shoes. Then I was going to grab some dinner and hike a few more miles out of town. As I stood waiting on the blue shuttle, an older gentleman approached me and asked if I was a thru hiker. Then he asked if i would have dinner with him and his wife. It was time to slow down and smell the roses. My original plans were forgotten and I joined Bill and Judy Breed for dinner at Murphy’s.

We had a lovely time and they made sure I had plenty to eat. I’m now at their home cleaned up and clothes in the laundry. It is storming outside but I have a roof over my head and a soft bed to sleep in. So many good people in the world. 🙂

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