The morning started with a 4.6 mile climb up Mt Moosilauke (elevation 4802 ft). It was somewhat overcast but the clouds cleared for just a few moments so that I could get some pictures.

Then I continued on to the Beaver Brook Shelter to cook and eat lunch. Cookie Monster and Happy Feet joined me for a bit. I met them at the hostel yesterday.

After lunch I descended the north side of Mt Moosilauke. Some say this 1.5 mile section is the most challenging and most fun “mile” on the AT. It was definitely mentally and physically challenging. Lucky for me, I got to do it in the rain. Every pole plant and foot plant had to be well thought out or one would find themselves sliding down the mountain. I did slide down once but only bruised my knee a bit. I was very happy to be finished with that section.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day. I’m really looking forward to being able to dry everything out. But I’m warm and dry inside my tent tonight. đŸ™‚

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