Twisted and I started hiking about 6:30. We didn’t wait on the croo to serve breakfast because we would have to wait too long. We hiked together for a bit and then I stopped to takes some pictures and find a tree. We didn’t see each other again until dinner.

I hiked with Mother Nature and Between some before lunch. We hiked Franconia Ridge which includes Mt. Liberty, Little Haystack Mountain, Mt. Lincoln, and Mt. Lafayette (5260 ft). We were above treeline for 2 miles. The weather was perfect!

I stopped to cook my lunch on Mt. Lafayette. I enjoyed talking to two men while I finished eating my lunch. One gave me a pear to enjoy later. It was a yummy afternoon snack. (Trail Magic!)

Next I hiked Mt. Garfield. The Germans were camping there but I decided to push on to the next hut. When I got there I was happy to find out that Twisted and I would be doing “work for stay” (wfs) together again. Only 2 thru hikers get to do wfs. In exchange for doing a 20-30 minute chore, we get to eat leftovers from the guest’s dinner and sleep in the dining room. It is raining tonight so it is great to be inside with a very full stomach.

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