This is a video of my hike through the Presidential Range. Sometimes the wind messes with the sound. Also, the mountain I refer to as Mt. Madison is not Madison. I don’t know the name. I hiked Mt. Madison the next day…

We woke to rain and strong winds at the hut. After the guests ate breakfast, the croo and the wfs thru hikers ate. Then Twisted and I did our chores. I swept the bunk rooms and Twisted folded wool blankets for each bunk.

Apollo and Storm started hiking about an hour before us. We headed out at 9:00. We all had decided we would hike a short day and meet at the White Mountain Lodge and Hostel in Gorham. It was still windy and raining as we climbed over Mt. Madison.

The first 2 1/2 hours of the day were above treeline and over rough rocks. Honestly, it was a bit scary with 50 mph wind gusts and sleet (small hail?) hitting us. Once we were below treeline, the hiking became much easier. We stopped at the Pinkham Notch Visitors Center and waited on the hostel shuttle.

The warm shower felt awesome. First shower and bed since Hanover, 10 days ago. Not long after starting my hike, people started telling me that I needed to meet Buoy. He had always been a day or two ahead of me. Because the hostel is located at a place that is accessible from two places on the trail, I was able to meet Buoy even though he is 21 miles ahead of me. We were roommates at the hostel tonight. Really nice guy. I hope to hike with him some in the future. I didn’t take many pictures today because the weather was so bad.

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