After breakfast at the hostel, the hostel van driver took Storm, Apollo, and me back to Pinkham’s Notch to slack pack the 21 miles of trail back to the hostel. I wore my SMD Flight 30 but didn’t carry my tent, sleeping quilt, extra food, etc.

I climbed over the Wildcats first. The AT goes over four of the five Wildcats summits with the highest being 4420 ft. The weather was off and on rain up until early afternoon, then partly cloudy the rest of the day.

Next I descended down to the Carter Notch Hut. It is the last of the AMC huts for a north bound hiker. I have really enjoyed the other huts but this one appeared to have a croo with an attitude. I had to wait way too long to get a bowl of soup and they didn’t have any baked goods or bread like the other huts. Oh well, I lost almost an hour there.

Next, I hiked over Carter Dome (4832 ft), Mt. Hight (4652 ft) and the three Carter summits (4610 ft). Mt. Moriah was the last climb of the day. All of the climbs were steep and rocky but I had some very nice views in the afternoon.

The one negative with slack packing is you can’t stop and set up camp if you run out of sunlight. I ended up hiking the last 3 miles in the dark using my headlamp. The terrain was pretty easy for those miles but there were three streams to ford. Thank goodness I have experience from ultrarunning of being on the trail in the dark. I got to the hostel around 10:00.

14 hour day! Needless to say, I slept well. 🙂

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