Today’s hike can be summed up in one word, “Mahoosuc”. Today was the day I got to hike(?) through Mahoosuc Notch and up to Mahoosuc Arm. Mahoosuc Notch is described in the guide book like this:

Most difficult or fun mile of the AT. Make way through jumbled pit of boulders.

The hike up to Mahoosuc Arm is described like this:

One of the steepest climbs on the entire Appalachian Trail, with the trail dropping 1500 feet from Mahoosuc Arm to the edge of the notch in just one mile.

It took me 2 hours to hike the 1 mile Notch section.

I might could have done it faster but I was determined not to fall or get injured. I was successful and felt happy to complete it, but I found myself physically and mentally drained afterwards. I wanted to stop for a break and eat lunch but the black flies were really bad. I decided to set my tent up and crawl inside at 2:30 in the afternoon….haha.

I cooked lunch in the vestibule, ate, and took a 1 hour nap. I woke up feeling great. I climbed up to the Mahoosuc Arm with ease and hiked to the next shelter to set my tent up for a second time. It was hard for me to hit pause in the middle of the day but I am so glad I did. Only 9.5 miles today but I earned every one of them. 🙂

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