I slept great last night even though the locals partied all night long. I started hiking at 5:30. I really wanted to make it to Monson today so I could get my resupply and be able to start the 100 mile wilderness tomorrow.

I stopped by the first shelter and met Smiles and Ghost Chili. I had seen their posts in the trail registers. They also started their flip flop hike at Harpers Ferry but they started a month earlier than me. We ended up hiking the rest of the day together.

Temper, who I met at the White Mountain Lodge and Hostel, also hiked with us. It was fun getting to know them better. They are ~30 years younger than me and they hike a fast pace. It was a good workout to keep up with them. I hiked 25 miles and finished around 4:00.

The hostel where I’m staying sent a shuttle so I didn’t have to walk the 3 miles in to town. Good dinner tonight at the restaurant downstairs. Now I’m waiting on my laundry to dry so I can go to sleep.

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