I woke to beautiful hiking weather this morning. The birds on top of West Peak don’t seem to be scared of people. Two of them stayed on a tree branch a few feet from my tent as I ate breakfast and packed up camp.

I started the hiking at 5:30 with two climbs. The second one was over White Cap mountain. This is the last 3000+ climb until Katahdin. From the north face of White Cap, hikers can get their first glimpse of Katahdin. It was a bit hazy so I couldn’t see it.

I had lunch on the beach at Crawford Pond. I swam and cleaned up a bit while my lunch was rehydrating. Today was in the mid 80s so the water was very refreshing. It was hard to leave that spot. I love mountain lakes. I’m feeling lucky that it has not rained in a few days.

The 100 Mile Wilderness has a lot of water crossings, mud holes, and flying insects. All of these could have been much worse if it had rained. That being said, my feet (shoes, socks) have been wet for 13 days. I’m really looking forward to drier feet when I start heading south.

I’ve set up my tent on an abandoned forest service road. It is somewhat warm and muggy (relatively) so I’m sleeping with my tent door rolled up. I can see the stars. 🙂

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