I woke this morning to the sound of moose hooves on the ground near my tent. Because I slept with the door rolled up, I could easily stay in my sleeping bag and watch them go about their morning business. So cool!

Yesterday was my longest day on the trail yet so I woke up a little stiff this morning. I started hiking at 6:00. Within a couple miles, I was walking by the Nahmakanta stream. There was a family of wood ducks out for their morning swim. I tried to get a picture but they were too fast.

I climbed Nesuntabunt Mountain next. There is supposed to be a view of Katahdin from the top but it was hiding in the clouds. Hmmmm. I think Katahdin is hiding from me.

I hiked with a NOBO section hiker for a little bit right before the Rainbow Lean-to. It was the first conversion I’ve had in a couple days. I say “hi” to the SOBOs but rarely do we stop and talk. When I got to Rainbow Ledges around 7:30, Bald Eagle caught up to me. He was hiking to the next shelter. I told him I wanted to hike to Abol Bridge so that I could summit Katahdin the next day. We discussed the store hours at Abol Bridge and the fact it would be closed when I got there. I have plenty of meals but I’m running short on snack food for the next day.

I stayed at the ledges a little longer to check messages since it was the only time all day that I had cell coverage. When I got to the next shelter, Bald Eagle was doing what looked like an Indian rain dance. He had gotten to the shelter first and taken up a collection of snack food from the section hikers for me. So sweet!

The 3 SOBO section hikers and Bald Eagle were all very excited to help. The section hikers told me all about the trail for the next few miles. Then I set out with a smile on my face in the dark with my headlamp to hike the 3.5 miles to Abol Bridge. Back to back 30+ mile days but I’m out of the 100 Mile Wilderness in 4 days. Katahdin tomorrow!!!

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