I started hiking at 7:00… 7:00 PM that is. Today was travel day. It was great to be at a hotel attached to the airport. My flight was at 7:00 AM so I got up around 5:00 so I would have time to eat and pack my pack so that it would fit in the overhead bin on the plane. The hotel didn’t have laundry so I washed my clothes as best I could in the tub and hung them to dry last night.

My flight had a layover in Detroit. The flight to Detroit was very pleasant. I sat next to a very nice woman named Emily. I asked her if I smelled and she said no. The plane wasn’t full so I could have moved but she said I was okay. 🙂

64 days later....I still look the same on the outside.

64 days later….I still look the same on the outside.

In Detroit, I ate a huge breakfast. I lost track of time and almost missed my connecting flight. I made it just in time. Once in DC, I took the subway and then the MARC trail to Brunswick, MD. I had arranged for a trail angel to pick me up there via a Women’s Appalachian Trail Facebook group. It worked out great. I was able to get to the ATC to pick up my resupply before they closed at 5. If I hadn’t made it by 5, I would have had to pay to stay in town for the night.

I ate dinner in town and then started hiking. It seemed surreal to be hiking Southbound in WV in only a little over 24 hours after coming off the trail from Katahdin. I only hiked a few miles before I found a nice spot for my tent. Easy recovery day.

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