We got up at 6:00 and enjoyed the breakfast at the Hampton Inn. We decided the shuttle would be easier for mom if we ran NOBO instead of SOBO and the level of difficulty of the climbs and descents would be about the same.

Today’s section included a well known climb up a mountain called The Priest. The weather was cool and breezy for the first part of the day. After the initial 2000 ft. climb, we were on a ridge with fields of wildflowers and old apple trees. We enjoyed the views of the surrounding mountains. We climbed up The Priest near the end of the day. We took in the views for a bit and then descended 3000 ft. to find mom waiting on us again. 🙂

She was hanging out talking to some section hikers while she waited for us. We ate Mexican food on our way back to the Hampton Inn. I spent the rest of the evening getting my pack ready for tomorrow.

No more slack packing for a bit. Laura is taking my 20 degree sleeping quilt and my stove home with her. I’ll be sleeping with a sleeping bag liner since it is so warm. I’ve not used my stove since I started SOBO because I have found that I can rehydrate my meals with cold water and they still taste very good. So my pack will be 3 pounds lighter starting tomorrow. Yay!

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