Another cool morning. I said goodbye to Martha and hit the trail after breakfast. I saw a small coyote that ran down the trail in front of me. That was cool.

The terrain was rolling hills (mountains?) for most of the day. The trail continued to cross the Blue Ridge Parkway for the first half of the day but then headed for Daleville. I ate a snack at the gas station in Daleville in the early afternoon and then headed to Tinker’s Cliffs to meet Martha.

She hiked 10 miles north to meet me there. I passed by the Lambert Shelter on my way. There were a lot of signs posted about bear activity in the area. Sure enough, I saw a bear about 1/2 a mile south of the shelter. He was small so I kept an eye out for a momma bear for a while but didn’t see one.

The sunset at Tinker’s Cliffs was awesome. So glad to be able to share this with my friend Martha. We camped in a stealth site near the cliffs. No bears, just a deer.

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