We got up and had breakfast sitting on Tinker’s Cliffs. What a treat! I started hiking first because I wanted to take a few pictures at McAfee Knob. Martha had done this the day before. We met up at her car 10 miles away and ate a snack.

The days are really starting to get hot. A number of the afternoon miles went through pastures that had no shade. Martha meet up with me again to climb to the Dragon Tooth. It was pretty rocky. I continued on South and she hiked back to her car and drove to meet me at VA 620.

Dragon Tooth

In the last mile of the day, I saw a copperhead snake. It is only the second poisonous snake that I have seen on my hike.

We had planned to camp near VA 620 but decided we didn’t feel good about the spot. Instead we drove to the Audie Murphy monument and camped there. I will run north to VA 620 in the morning and then come back here and head south again. We had a nice big campfire. It is only the second campfire I’ve sat by this summer.

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