The Wapiti Shelter trail register. Go Slug Club!

Four entities recognize pooping as just a part of the day — little kids, our dogs, hikers, and ultrarunners. Among this small society of gentle beings is the pooping discussion one of civility and decisiveness.Susan Paraska

I woke up, packed, and ate breakfast before the three young women woke up so I didn’t get to say goodbye. I headed down the forest service road for about a mile and used the Dismal Falls blue trail to get back on the AT. In all I probably walked an extra half mile…..totally worth it!

I passed the 600 miles to go mark today which is really the 500 mark for me since I’ve already completed 100 miles in GA/NC this year. It appears I won’t be finished with my hike by the time I need to go back to work. I’m so glad I did a flip-flop hike so that I have the option to finish up on weekends after I go back to work. I’m hoping to get some trail running friends to join me on the weekends. More on this later in a separate post.


I only saw one other person on the trail today. He was hiking north bound and said he had not seen anyone in two days. We talked for a few minutes and exchanged information about water sources and trail conditions. I stopped for the day at Laurel Creek. It was a little close to a road but I didn’t hear a single car the whole time I was there.

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