It was a nice climb up to the ridge to start the day. Some ridges can be very rocky and technical but not this one. It was nice smooth single track which was great for the early morning.

I stopped at the creek near Jenkins Shelter to do laundry and clean up a bit. Dan will be meeting me this evening so I don’t want to smell too bad. Haha. Then I climbed up to the next ridge which was a lot more rocky than the first one of the day.

I saw a bear and an opossum. I believe that is bear #10 and opossum #1 for the hike. From that ridge I climbed to the Chestnut Knob Shelter. This is a really cool shelter that is made of stone and has 4 walls and a door. I ate lunch there and enjoyed the view. I probably stayed a bit too long so I had to kick it in gear to meet Dan 9 miles away at the Knot Maul Branch Shelter. It was so good to see his smiling face as I neared the shelter.

Dan cooking dinner with his Kelly Kettle Stove

Dan cooking dinner with his Kelly Kettle Stove

We decided to camp near the shelter. Once we were set up, he gave me a bag from Subway and said he had brought me a sandwich. However, when I opened the bag it contained 3 Dunkin Doughnuts! Sweet!! I sat and ate all the doughnuts while I watched Dan cook our dinner using his Kelly Kettle Stove. Thank you Bev for the yummy spaghetti. It totally hit the spot. I’m going to sleep tonight with a very happy tummy. 🙂

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