We woke up at 6:00 and Dan made us oatmeal for breakfast. Yes, I’m quickly becoming spoiled. 🙂

We hiked the 2.1 miles to his car and then I slack packed the next 12.2 miles. There were a lot of pastures in the early miles today and some of them had cows in them. Cows are scarier than bears to me. At least bears run away typically.


Dan drove to the end of the 12.2 mile section and ran back to meet me. We met up with about 5 miles to go. Once back at the car, we ate a very yummy lunch at The Barn. Then I slack packed the next 11 miles and Dan ran in to meet me again. The last 5.5 miles of the day I did with loaded pack. Dan hiked in from VA 670 and we camped close to where we met up. I got in 30.8 miles and Dan got in 23 miles today. We will both sleep well tonight.

It was a really fun day. Awesome to have Dan on the trails with me.

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