School, schmool. All of your students have smart phones, email them their assignments and just keep hiking!Janette Maas

We had an awesome camp site up on the ridge last night. This morning Dan fixed oatmeal for our breakfast. Then we packed up and hiked 2.5 miles to where Dan had parked. I unloaded all the things from my pack and took off on a 13.5 mile slack pack. Dan parked a couple of times and ran in to meet me so we could run together. Each time he brought me food and drinks.

I’m definitely getting spoiled. 🙂 At mile 16, we met a shuttle driver named Wolf and Dan arranged to leave his car there to backpack the 40 miles into Damascus (12 miles today and 28 miles tomorrow) with me. Then we were off. We had fun hiking through the Grayson Highlands State Park. Incredible views and we saw lots of ponies. We tented near the Thomas Knob Shelter surrounded by fur trees.

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