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Dan’s Top Ten Memories of AT hike with Cashmere!
10. Skittles are a Girl’s best friend.
9. Wild Blueberry munching.
8. Fern Carpeted Cathedrals
7. Cold August morning atop Mount Rogers
6. Rocky PUDs
5. Wild Ponies of the Grayson Highlands
4. Sleeping to the sound of tinkling streams
3. Biscoff wraps
2. The apple pie greeting from my supportive wife.
1. The many miles of pleasant banter!
and the top memory from the weekend is….
The enthusiastic consumption of “2” BLT’s
Thanks for allowing me to share a small potion of your grand adventure! Dan

I had breakfast and visited with the two men that had arrived at the shelter late. They were father and son (probably mid 60s and early 40s). It was the first time the father had been backpacking in 20 years so he had all new equipment. I answered some questions they had about my equipment. Both were really nice guys.

It had rained during the night but the skies were clearing up as I started hiking. I saw a bear (#16) on the ridge. I had hoped to hike a longer distance today but I got caught in a thunderstorm again. I considered hiking through it but the next couple of miles involved walking over the Watauga Dam and then walking by Watauga Lake. So I set my tent up at a site near the road and called it a day.


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