Surprise! After my work meeting this morning, I drove back to the trail. I decided to do the section right before the Smokies and then complete from Erwin to Max Patch over the next few days. This will set me up to be in the Smokies next weekend. I started hiking at 3:30. It was a little warm but much cooler than Atlanta. It felt good to be back in the woods.

I went through an area called Turkey Gap and actually flushed out 5 large wild turkeys from the plants by the trail. I think I was as surprised as they were. The only climb of the day was up Snowbird Mountain. It is bald on top with a strange looking FAA tower. I saw a momma bear and child in a tree. I tried to take their picture but they didn’t cooperate. They were to the west of the trail so I’m counting them as Tennessee bears.

A few miles before Davenport Gap, I was greeted on the trail by my good friend Martha. We hiked out and headed to Ashville for some dinner and then north to a hotel. Headed back to the trail closer to Erwin in the morning. 🙂

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