Answers to a few questions…

When will you finish?

I’m aiming for August 9 but it may be August 16. I’m aiming for a weekend day so friends can join me for some of it. I will try to camp at Three Forks the night before Springer and invite everyone to join me. Also, people can join me for the .9 mile trek up Springer if camping and 4 miles are too much.

When will you be at specific places on the trail?

Sorry but this is really hard to predict more than a week in advance. It would be easier to predict if I were in front of a computer with the guide and a calendar open. However, on a smart phone and with a tired mind…

Why a Flip-flop hike?

I wanted to finish my hike on the southern end in case I ran out of time and needed to go back to work for fall semester. This would allow me to finish up on weekends during the fall.

My starting date at the end of Spring semester was too early to start at Katahdin and do a SOBO hike due to snow. The ATC has been encouraging the flip flop hikes this year to even out trail use. I have been able to enjoy meeting others on the trail without experiencing the over crowding that occurs from those starting at Springer in the Spring.

Why travel alone?

There are a few people with which I would have liked to have shared this adventure. However, they could not take the time away from their families and/or their work. I could have waited but that would have increased the possibility of it never happening.

Most of the people I’ve met on the trail are also solo. I have not been scared once. I love sleeping in my tent in the middle of nowhere by myself. It is very empowering.

I also enjoy my solo trail miles. I have the freedom to start and stop hiking each day whenever I want. I do get lonely at times, especially as a SOBO. I have yet to meet another SOBO hiker. However, I do enjoy short interactions with the NOBO hikers in the south.

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