Day 12 (Bake Oven Knob Shelter to stealth site)

I woke to the sound of rain hitting the tent. Such a pleasant sound. I decided to sleep in until the rain stopped which was around 7:00. I had breakfast and packed up. Then I visited with Bandit and Free Ball who had arrived after I had turned in for the night. Always good to see them. 🙂

I got on the trail around 8:00. It started to rain a little as I made my way through the first couple of boulder fields. At the George W. Outerbridge, shelter I cameled up and loaded up on water because there would be no drinkable water for 20 miles. Water is heavy!

The climb out of Lehigh Valley is listed as the 6th hardest climb on the AT. Think of it as a mile high pile of boulders. Lots of hand over hand climbing. Pretty intense at times. After the climb, the trail goes through the Palmerton Superfund site. So sad but the plants are starting to grow back now.

I saw my first rattlesnake there. The last 8 miles of the day were awesome single track, no boulder fields. Yay! I’m in my tent now in an unofficial campsite. Bandit and Free Ball just walked by and said, “Hi” through my tent wall. Haha. Fun day!

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Day 6 (By a stream to a site north of Clarks Ferry Shelter)

After hiking/running more than 100 miles the past 4 days, I decided take it easier today. I slept late and started hiking at 8:00. I made it 7 miles in to Duncannon a little before 11:00. I went to the famous (infamous?) Doyle Hotel. I had thought about spending the night there but decided against it. I did eat one of their black bean burgers and fries while I collected my first resupply box and repacked my food in my pack. Free Ball and Bandit were also there.

I was heading out of town when I ran into Nacho Libre and Deerdog at Trail Angel Mary’s Place. I had fun visiting with them for a bit and then hiked on out of town. In all I spent three hours in town off my feet. After hiking 6 miles, I found a tent site on top of a mountain with an awesome view for tonight’s camp. It is a little colder than it has been so I’m glad I kept my tights and long sleeve shirt in my pack.