Day 24 (Belters Camp Area to Race Brook Falls campsite)

I started the morning with a 3 mile hike into Falls Village to eat breakfast at the Toymaker’s Place. It was a great way to start the day.

It was forecast to rain most of the day and it pretty much did that. It gave me a chance to test out my hiking umbrella which worked great except on the windy ridge late in the day.

I hiked up Bear Mountain to the highest point in Connecticut with Stretch, Willow and Dragon. We also crossed into Massachusetts together. State #5 complete for me, State #10 for them. Yay! Massachusetts started off with a lot of rock hopping on a windy, wet, foggy, cold ridge. It was an adventure. I’m camping tonight with Slug Club. 🙂

Day 23 (Stealth site to Belters Camp Area)

I had a great night’s sleep on the mountain top. This morning the trail went over a couple mountains and then descended down to the Housatonic River. It was nice and flat for about 4 miles as it went along by the river. Of course, I took the opportunity to get cleaned up and play in the river.

I enjoyed hiking with Stretch and Willow and then having lunch with Dragon and them. They are part of a group of 5 that call themselves the Slug Club. Nothing sluggish about them as far as I could tell.

The afternoon had a lot of steep ups and downs. Hopefully my “trail legs” arrive soon. I’m camping 3 miles outside of Falls Village tonight. Looking forward breakfast at the Toymaker’s Place in the morning.