Day 17 (Glenwood to stealth site near Eastern Pinnacles)

The day started with a walk on a wooden walkway in a wetlands area. I enjoyed talking to my mom on the phone as I walked along. 🙂 I met thru hiker Eddy (trail name) at lunch today at the Wawayanda Shelter. I’ve been seeing her posts in trail registers for over a week now. She is funny.

I finished NJ and crossed the state line into New York about midday. The AT guide book says this about the first 6 miles of NY: “Despite the unimposing profile, rocks, abrupt ups & downs make this section challenging.” It was actually a fun section.

I met some very nice local people on the trail today. A very nice woman reminded me that Bill Bryson said those NY rocks were some of the oldest rocks in the US. There was a man that recognized me from the Unionville Horler’s Grocery store yesterday morning.

I have an awesome view from my tent tonight. I’m facing east so sunrise should be great!