Day 8 (Rausch Creek to Hertlein campsite)

Day 8 started in a leisurely fashion. I slept in until 7:15 and didn’t start hiking until after 8:00. I talked with a woman named Mayapple that is hiking the state of Pennsylvania.

Around 10:00 I came across a stream and decided it was time for a bath. I hadn’t washed my hair since day 3, yikes! It was a very cold stream but it felt good to have clean hair, body, and clothes. 🙂

Cooooold water :)

Cooooold water 🙂

At 2:00, I realized I had only hiked 10 miles. I needed at least 13 more in order to get my resupply the next day. I started running and the endorphins kicked in. I arrived at my campsite feeling great. Two creeks tonight to sing me to sleep.