Day 6 (By a stream to a site north of Clarks Ferry Shelter)

After hiking/running more than 100 miles the past 4 days, I decided take it easier today. I slept late and started hiking at 8:00. I made it 7 miles in to Duncannon a little before 11:00. I went to the famous (infamous?) Doyle Hotel. I had thought about spending the night there but decided against it. I did eat one of their black bean burgers and fries while I collected my first resupply box and repacked my food in my pack. Free Ball and Bandit were also there.

I was heading out of town when I ran into Nacho Libre and Deerdog at Trail Angel Mary’s Place. I had fun visiting with them for a bit and then hiked on out of town. In all I spent three hours in town off my feet. After hiking 6 miles, I found a tent site on top of a mountain with an awesome view for tonight’s camp. It is a little colder than it has been so I’m glad I kept my tights and long sleeve shirt in my pack.