Day 91 (Wilbur Dam Rd to stealth site near a rhododendron bush)

My awesome little sister hiked the Appalachian Trail this Spring/Summer. She comes home tomorrow, and I am so excited to see her and hug her skinny little guts out. She went solo and literally had the time of her life. I am so proud of her. She has always been my hero, so this propels her into Super-hero status. Welcome home Sooz. You’re da Bomb!Claudia Franks

It rained all night and I woke up to a light rain. Ironically, I was out of drinking water because the rain storm forced me to stop early. It was going to be at least a 2 mile hike to a good water source.

As I was leaving my camp site and crossing a through road, a young man pulled up in a pick up. His name was Scott and he had a lot of bottled water. We visited while I filled up my water bottles and drank a couple of bottles. He said he used to be one of those local teenagers that would party at the campsites on the trail. I laughed and told him I had been one of those teenagers too. Fun way to start the day.

It stayed overcast and rainy a lot of the day. I had to wait out a thunderstorm mid morning at the Shook Branch Recreation Area on Lake Watauga. It had restrooms, water, and electricity to charge my phone. Not a bad place to wait out a storm. It rained off and on during the afternoon and evening but no lightning and thunder so I kept hiking.

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