Day 22 (Ten Mile River to stealth site near Kent, CT)

Today was resupply day which means fewer miles and an easier pace (semi-rest day). I slept in until 7:30 and didn’t start hiking until 8:30.

I had 8.5 trail miles to hike before I got to the road that leads into Kent. I’d hike a couple miles, then sit and enjoy the view and then repeat. While I was sitting enjoying the view at mile 4, a section hiker named Spider-Man arrived. It was his last day on the trail for this hike. We hiked a couple miles together and had really good conversation. After 2 miles I stopped to cook lunch and he continued on.

After I got to Kent (home of Kevin Bacon, so I’m told), I went to the Backcountry Outfitters for a snack and my resupply. I also got my new shoes. Yay! I had dinner in town and then hiked back to the trail and up the mountain. There is a cool breeze tonight. It feels nice.

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