Day 10 (Microtel Inn to near Dan’s Pulpit)

In my original schedule day 10 was to be a zero day (backpacker lingo for a day with zero miles, a rest day). However, my legs and feet were feeling okay and I was really ready to leave the hotel and get back in the woods. So I decided to hike 15 miles to a tent site at an easy pace instead. When I got there, it was low and damp so I hiked a couple more miles so I could camp on the ridge. So much cooler and less humid here.

My day started with a 1.5 mile road walk to get back to the trail. Once in the trail, I battled humidity and inch worms most of the day. The inch worms hang from the trees on fine threads and hitch rides. I think I picked over 100 off me and my pack today. They were everywhere. I had lunch at Pulpit Rock and enjoyed a conversation with a very nice local man, Ted.