Day 21 (Stealth site to Ten Mile River Campsite)

The rain stopped before I needed to break camp but it was a buggy muggy morning. About 8 miles into the day I came to a clearing. I looked to my right and there was a beautiful lake. I dropped my pack, took off my shoes, and jumped in. It felt great! I swam for around 20 minutes.

I hiked a few more miles to the Pioneer Telephone Shelter for lunch. I met flip-flop thru hikers Umbrella Man and Still Thinkin’ as I was leaving. Still Thinkin’ and I are Dirty Girl Gaitor twins so we had to take photos. Umbrella Man is from Birmingham but he didn’t know any of the ultra runners in the area.

After lunch I passed by the Appalachian Trail train station. $15 and 2 hours and one can be in NYC. Tempting… I stopped at the garden center for a snack and to buy something for tomorrow’s breakfast. After hiking a few more miles, I crossed into Connecticut. Yay! State #4 complete! Then I hiked over Ten Mile Mountain to the Ten Mile River Campsite. It was another awesome site. I love listening to the river as I drift off to sleep.

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