Stollen Memories

I realize I’m jumping the gun on this post. Halloween hasn’t yet arrived and I’m posting a holiday piece about baking Stollen. But a few days ago, I was thinking about my Mom and got to wondering if I could find any of her television appearances on the interwebs. I found this one of her preparing her delicious holiday Stollen recipe on the Food Network in December of 2003. The show was Sara’s Secrets (hosted by Sara Moulton).


The recipe deservedly has a 5-star review. It is really yummy – even if you aren’t a dried fruit fan. Mom made that Stollen every Christmas and the thought of it brings back a torrent of wonderful memories. It looks like it may be heavy or hard (and if you use too much flour, it will be), but actually it is light and sweet with chewy bits and icing drizzle and all sorts of magical goodness.


Get the recipe for Betsy’s Stollen

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